[mythtv] MythWeb Video Info Edit feature patch - need help

Bob Cottingham bob at bobnvic.com
Tue Aug 17 16:32:39 EDT 2004

Dan Willemsen said:
> On Tue, 2004-08-17 at 10:53, Bob Cottingham wrote:
>> I'm trying to add the ability in Mythweb to download an image file from
>> the web and place it in the video cover art directory.  The art
>> directory is in the user home directory (typically ~/.mythtv/MythVideo)
>> with a symlink to it from the mythweb directory.  Reading isn't a
>> problem and writing the file to a directory under mythweb that isn't a
>> symlink isn't a problem.  However, writing a file to the art directory
>> symlink fails due to permission issues.  The symlink has been given a
>> permission of 777 and I've tried putting FollowSymLinks in the .htacces
>> file but still have no luck.  
> Have you checked to see if the webserver can access all the containing
> directories? I've had similar problems before and had to chmod a+x all the
> containing directories. I currently run mythweb out of 
> ~/projects/myth/mythweb, so if this isn't it, I don't know what is
> basically, try this: chmod a+x ~ ~/.mythtv ~/.mythtv/MythVideo

Thanks, I had to also do /home, but this worked.  You were right, I wasn't considering the permissions on each containing directory.  This doesn't seem like a good solution, however, since it opens the entire home and user directory to apache writes, which I would tend to think would be a bad idea.  I think I'll clean up the patch and submit it for comments to see what the best solution might be.

Thanks again,
Bob C

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