[mythtv] MythWeb Video Info Edit feature patch - need help

Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Tue Aug 17 17:45:05 EDT 2004

Hi Bob,

Bob Cottingham wrote:
> Yeah, I didn't have permissions set for each directory level down to
> ~/.mythtv/MythVideo.  Once I changed it, it worked fine.  I have them
> on separate partitions, so I wasn't able to create a hard link
> unfortunately, since I would have like to have tested that out.
> Thanks for replying.  Now, I just need to figure out how to
> accomplish this without having to tell people that they will have to
> expose /home and /home/user to apache writes, which I don't think
> would go over too well.

You don't actually need to open up /home or /home/user to apache writes, 
just provided it can "x" the directory that is enough. You can still 
lock it down to only be allowed to write in /home/user/.mythtv/MythVideo 
if you prefer.

Actually the UserDir directive in Apache also requires that /home and 
/home/user (and /home/user/public_html) need to be apache executible 
(FYI, the x bit of the permisions for a directory means that someuser 
can "cd" into the directory, it doesn't give them any more than that).

Granted it does open up the system a little, but on the other hand, lots 
of other programs require chmod o+x on /home and /home/user (they don't 
need o+r which would allow them to do an "ls" and see the files)

Set up a folder and make it owned by root.root with drwxrwx--x as your 
normal user you should be able to "cd" to the folder but not "ls" or 
"touch file" etc.

On the other hand, you can configure myth to save the movie covers in 
any folder you want (it's a setting in the MythVideo settings). I 
personally changed this away from my homedir ages ago as I run MythVideo 
from a couple of machines not all of which have /home mounted but all 
have /mnt/media mounted, so I changed my cover folder to 

Hope this give some food for thought....



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