[mythtv] MythWeb Video Info Edit feature patch - need help

Bob Cottingham bob at bobnvic.com
Tue Aug 17 16:40:18 EDT 2004

Colin Guthrie said:
> Dan Willemsen wrote:
>> On Tue, 2004-08-17 at 10:53, Bob Cottingham wrote:
>>> I'm trying to add the ability in Mythweb to download an image file
>>> from the web and place it in the video cover art directory.  The art
>>> directory is in the user home directory (typically 
>>> ~/.mythtv/MythVideo) with a symlink to it from the mythweb
>>> directory.  Reading isn't a problem and writing the file to a directory
>>> under mythweb that isn't a symlink isn't a problem. However, writing a
>>> file to the art directory symlink fails due to permission issues.  The
>>> symlink has been given a permission of 777 
>> Have you checked to see if the webserver can access all the
>> containing directories? I've had similar problems before and had to chmod
>> a+x all the containing directories. I currently run mythweb out of
>> ~/projects/myth/mythweb, so if this isn't it, I don't know what is
>> basically, try this: chmod a+x ~ ~/.mythtv ~/.mythtv/MythVideo
> The whole directory tree must be accessable by Apache so the /home dir
> must be "x" for apache, as must the /home/user directory and so forth.
> The permissions of the symlink could be a bit of a red herring as it is
> the permissions of the folder the symlink points to that matters too.
> The fact that Apache can read the files suggests it /is/ already
> FollowSymLink enabled by default.
> It is probably just that the Apache process does not have write
> permission the to the cover art file, like I say the 777 on the symlink is
> not quite the same as a 777 on the destination folder of the symlink.
> Not 100% sure as I don't use them much, but if the web root and the
> /home directory are on the same partition, you can create a hardlink to
> the folder and have permissions set on that which would negate the need to
> ensure the /home/user was readable by apache...?? Like I say not 100% on
> that one.

Yeah, I didn't have permissions set for each directory level down to ~/.mythtv/MythVideo.  Once I changed it, it worked fine.  I have them on separate partitions, so I wasn't able to create a hard link unfortunately, since I would have like to have tested that out.

Thanks for replying.  Now, I just need to figure out how to accomplish this without having to tell people that they will have to expose /home and /home/user to apache writes, which I don't think would go over too well.

Bob C

Bob C

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