[mythtv] video freeze

John Patrick Poet john at BlueSkyTours.com
Mon Aug 16 02:12:14 EDT 2004

John Patrick Poet wrote:

> I reported a problem a week ago, about not being able to edit the cut 
> list, by searching using the "keyframe".  At that time I mentioned 
> that when skipping around in a show, the video would sometimes freeze 
> up.  At the time I thought the two problems were related.  However, 
> since then Chris Pinkham fixed the "keyframe" problem, but the 
> freeze-up problem still exists for me.
> I do not generally do a lot of jumping arround within a recorded show, 
> but with the Olympics under way, I am skipping arround a lot.
> When I skip forward by any amount, it often results in the video 
> imediately freezing.  The audio will play for half a second, and then 
> it will stop.  Myth will not respond to keystrokes for many seconds, 
> and then will respond in a very sluggish way.
> If I hit the forward-skip key a few more times, the video will often 
> start playing again -- but I get no audio.
> If I escape back to the menu, while the video is frozen, it will often 
> freeze imediately apon an attempt to play the show again.
> This problem seems to have been introduced arround July 24th.  For now 
> I am using the CVS version from July 23rd on my frontend machine, 
> since it does not have this problem.

Loosing audio seems to be a seperate issue.  Even with the July 23rd 
CVS, I can loose audio by skipping arround within the show.

I have discovered that I can consitantly cause it to loose audio by 
"Increasing the playback speed" (i.e. pressing `U'), and then pressing 
"play".  After pressing "play", the video plays fine, but is completely 
silent.  This is true both with AC3 from a HD-2000 file and the mpeg 
audio from a PVR-x50 file.


    Can you send me your patch for the "keyframe" problem, so I can try 
applying it to version of the CVS after July 23rd?  I would like to 
eliminate that problem to help narrow down when the "video freeze" 
problem was introduced.  TIA.


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