[mythtv] video freeze

John Patrick Poet john at BlueSkyTours.com
Sat Aug 14 03:20:21 EDT 2004

I reported a problem a week ago, about not being able to edit the cut 
list, by searching using the "keyframe".  At that time I mentioned that 
when skipping around in a show, the video would sometimes freeze up.  At 
the time I thought the two problems were related.  However, since then 
Chris Pinkham fixed the "keyframe" problem, but the freeze-up problem 
still exists for me.

I do not generally do a lot of jumping arround within a recorded show, 
but with the Olympics under way, I am skipping arround a lot.

When I skip forward by any amount, it often results in the video 
imediately freezing.  The audio will play for half a second, and then it 
will stop.  Myth will not respond to keystrokes for many seconds, and 
then will respond in a very sluggish way.

If I hit the forward-skip key a few more times, the video will often 
start playing again -- but I get no audio.

If I escape back to the menu, while the video is frozen, it will often 
freeze imediately apon an attempt to play the show again.

This problem seems to have been introduced arround July 24th.  For now I 
am using the CVS version from July 23rd on my frontend machine, since it 
does not have this problem.


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