[mythtv] video freeze

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon Aug 16 13:32:33 EDT 2004

> John Patrick Poet wrote:

> Chris,
>     Can you send me your patch for the "keyframe" problem, so I can try 
> applying it to version of the CVS after July 23rd?  I would like to 
> eliminate that problem to help narrow down when the "video freeze" 
> problem was introduced.  TIA.
> John

I assume you mean me.  You can get the patches I applied by going to
the cvs webpage and viewing the diff for the commit I did.  I don't
keep patches around because it's available via CVS.

I've been working on a patch that will consolidate a big portion of
the keyframe/gop handling code from the various decoders which will
make things easier to maintain in the future.  It uses the nicely
coded SyncPositionMap() code from avformatdecoder.cpp and moves
that and the DoFastForward(), DoRewind(), and SetPositionMap()
functionality from the various decoders into a common decoderbase.cpp.
Everything appears to be working correctly for mpeg2 and mpeg4 files
using the software decoders (avformatdecoder.cpp and nuppeldecoder.cpp),
but I can't test the mods to ivtvdecoder.cpp so I'll probably post a
patch for someone else to try before committing the changes.  Might
get to that a little later this week.  



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