[mythtv] DVB Stability problems with watching live TV

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Mon Aug 9 19:42:21 EDT 2004

1) Kenneth's patch helps backend stability a lot. It is in CVS,
    but applies to 0.15.1 just fine. There is a copy in here:

2) This isn't just a DVB issue. A really poor analogue signal will
    cause the same problems. If a card can't lock on, then the backend
    may crash, the frontend will hang, and the user will get frustrated.

    I am sure that Isaac will welcome stability patches, but buying an
    RF amplifier and upgrading to better coax is the best solution

	I think that any further discussion definitely
belongs on the users list, but while I am typing :-)

a) Before I found KnoppMyth and took the MythTV plunge, compiled 2.6
    kernels worked OK with an AverTV DVB-T 761 and mplayer for all the
    Sydney channels (including HD). However, what was working well in
    the early morning would break up and crash mplayer by 10 or 11am.

    Bad signal strength with an insensitive card is always bad news

b) I tried for ages to get the Aver working on old Compaq motherboards.
    There are some issues with bttv and some IRQ/DMA/PCI controllers.
    When the signal is poor then these issues are exacerbated,
    no matter what the card.

c) On a newer (faster) PC, the Aver was usually OK (some pops/crackles/
    MPEG breakups), but a VisionPlus was rock solid in comparison.
    When recording from both at once, the Aver seems even worse

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