[mythtv] Australian DVB reception (was DVB Stability problems with watching live TV)

Bill Coghill bill at bcd.cx
Mon Aug 9 20:11:50 EDT 2004

Jon Whitear wrote:

>I'm in Sydney too, using a VisionPlus card and MythTV 0.15.1. I'm not
>experiencing the same problems, although I do get the occasional
>frontend or backend crash.
>One thing that reduced the amount of 'corruption' (i.e. pops, squeaks,
>and pixilation) for me was changing my antenna flylead for a quad-shield
>RG6 cable. Apparently that has a significant effect on signal strength
>(which I can't confirm, as I have DVB error stats disabled, as that was
>causing crashes.) I have heard that the VisionPlus cards are
>particularly sensitive to poor signals.
I see a lot of click / pop / lego erors on SBS, which might be due to it 
being the only UHF digital channel.  I am going to try replacing all my 
flyleads with decent ones to see if it helps.

Have any Sydney people had luck with the D4 datacasting channels - care 
to share PIDs ?


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