[mythtv] large file when recording and watching

Mark Covington markcov at alumni.rice.edu
Wed Apr 21 19:42:43 EDT 2004

> Yes... your system specs & Myth version, at minimum, might help. 
> Otherwise how are we supposed to judge whether your system may or may 
> not be underpowered for simultaneous recording & playback?
> -JAC

Sorry, i assumed people had read my previous email, I realized that 
after I sent it, and should have sent a followup with more info.
The machine is a Athlon 1.0GHz in a Shuttle SS40G w/ 192MB Ram on 
RedHat9.  The machine was running fine for the past year running various 
versions of Myth CVS.  I'm currently running the most recent CVS and 
still see the problem and have for the past month.  I've 
distcleaned/recompiled multiple times, and even tried downgrading to 
0.14, but none of that worked.
Since the machine was fine before and started having this problem 
recently I strongly suspected a software issue instead of hardware.
 From what I remember on myth-commits there hasn't been any significant 
changes in the player that would dramatically increase the CPU usage.  I 
also fell prey to the recent scheduling delay due to not checking for 
duplicates.  The recent patch solved that problem.  It was sometime 
during that period (the past month) that I also noticed the large file 
problem.  I haven't made any changes to other software (OS updates, new 
kernel, etc).
What do you suspect is happening?  That CPU usage is spiking during 
record/watch so compression cannot occur and instead of dropping frames 
the recorder switches to some uncompressed mode?  I guess the nuvinfo 
wouldn't be updated then?


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