[mythtv] large file when recording and watching

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Wed Apr 21 00:40:06 EDT 2004

Mark Covington wrote:
> I sent a message earlier but didn't get any responses, so either the 
> person that knows the answer missed it, its a newbie question and I'm an 
> idiot, or no one has any idea on how to fix it.
> So here's hoping its the first one.  ;-)
> About the only option I have left is a clean reinstall.
> I'm finding that recordings take up ~10x the normal amount of space when 
> I'm recording a program and either
> -watching another program
> -watching the currently recording program
> -the preview window is showing any video
> In 4minutes a recording racked up ~2GB of data, normally a file takes up 
> 1.5GB for 30 min (RTJPEG quality 170 w/ MP3 audio).
> However, the video file will play normally, I find it odd that that much 
> extra data could be crammed in the file without causing any playback 
> problems (other than a much busier hard drive).
> Nuvinfo gives stat info that matches a normal sized file, but I expected 
> that.  I'd be happy to send someone a small bloated recording to people 
> (mail a CD, or d/l behind DSL) if they know more about the file format.
> My only guess is that its putting in uncompressed data instead of 
> compressed, but somehow it still ends up playing correctly.
> Any suggestions or further info i could provide?

Yes... your system specs & Myth version, at minimum, might help. 
Otherwise how are we supposed to judge whether your system may or may 
not be underpowered for simultaneous recording & playback?


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