[mythtv] large file when recording and watching

Mark Covington markcov at alumni.rice.edu
Tue Apr 20 18:13:32 EDT 2004

I sent a message earlier but didn't get any responses, so either the 
person that knows the answer missed it, its a newbie question and I'm an 
idiot, or no one has any idea on how to fix it.
So here's hoping its the first one.  ;-)

About the only option I have left is a clean reinstall.
I'm finding that recordings take up ~10x the normal amount of space when 
I'm recording a program and either
-watching another program
-watching the currently recording program
-the preview window is showing any video
In 4minutes a recording racked up ~2GB of data, normally a file takes up 
1.5GB for 30 min (RTJPEG quality 170 w/ MP3 audio).

However, the video file will play normally, I find it odd that that much 
extra data could be crammed in the file without causing any playback 
problems (other than a much busier hard drive).
Nuvinfo gives stat info that matches a normal sized file, but I expected 
that.  I'd be happy to send someone a small bloated recording to people 
(mail a CD, or d/l behind DSL) if they know more about the file format.
My only guess is that its putting in uncompressed data instead of 
compressed, but somehow it still ends up playing correctly.

Any suggestions or further info i could provide?


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