[mythtv] Watch/Delete Recordings

Kevin Kuphal kevin.kuphal at myrealbox.com
Mon Apr 19 16:57:18 EDT 2004

> >Here you assume that the program guide is primarily used for 
> scheduling 
> >recordings.  For myself at least, I never use the "Watch TV" 
> option as 
> >it simply just dumps me into the first channel and I ultimately back 
> >out to the guide to see what is on.
> >
> Wouldn't an option to have watch TV bring up the program guide right 
> away solve that problem?

That would work for me.  Were you thinking of a theme edit or behavior
change in the code?  I think something like what you submitted for the guide
seems reasonable.

> Select should be the "action" key.  Presenting the user with choices 
> should be the behavior of the menu key IMO.
> If we're consistent in that:
> 1)  Select performs the default action.
> 2)  Menu presents you with a list of additional choices (if any).

I would agree with that.  Is that the behavior of the Watch Recordings
screen and the Program Guide?  In looking at the code for the former it
seems that Info brings up the action menu, not Menu.  In the Guide I believe
that Menu changes the channel and Info brings up the recording screen.

I would like to see the behavior standardized.  It seems that there are many
different action classes associated with Info and Menu.  If we could have it
so that Menu brought up choices, Select took action, and Info was for those
"extra information" scenarios (like it is while watching TV to get
information on the current program).

Menu - Tune to this channel, Record this show/Turn off Record, Find all
Episodes, Exit
Info - Maybe a detail page on the show given the new lengthier descriptions
in the direct data as well as include space information currently only found
on the delete screen.
Record - Record this show
Select - Tune channel for currently showing shows.  Record show for future

Watch Recordings:
Menu - Action menu currently assigned to Info
Info - Not sure what might be shown here if anything
Play - Play the current recording
Select - Play the current recording

Would something like that be a patch people would to see?  I think I can
make the other changes I'd like to see in a theme edit as you suggested.
The only other item I had a question for you was the suggestion to make a
textual "so many minutes left of record time" on the watch screen a
themeable item.  If this is added, is this something that all the theme
developers have to go in and include in order to make it show up and is that
standard for TV UI changes?  I ask only because I use the visor theme which
isn't in CVS and while I could patch the CVS present themes, I'm curious
then how a theme like visor gets updated if a new element is added like


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