[mythtv] Watch/Delete Recordings

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Mon Apr 19 16:11:43 EDT 2004

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

>As someone else noted, play (at least on my system also) is bound to play
>the recording.  I think this, for me, centers around making things a bit
>easier on the newer end user, like myself, while also allowing for the most
>configurability for the experienced user.  
The only problem I have with all of these options is you end up with an 
overwhelming number of options.

>>So the program guide for scheduling recordings is moved out of the 
>>schedule recordings area and into the main TV section?
>Here you assume that the program guide is primarily used for scheduling
>recordings.  For myself at least, I never use the "Watch TV" option as it
>simply just dumps me into the first channel and I ultimately back out to the
>guide to see what is on.  
Wouldn't an option to have watch TV bring up the program guide right 
away solve that problem?

>In thinking also about that SELECT behavior patch for the guide you
>submitted, I thought there might be a better way here also.  If the program
>selected is currently on TV, the select should tune to the channel.  If the
>program selected is in the future, the select should bring up the record
I've got a patch for this behavior,  it'll be in soonish.

>I'd even take it one step further and give the option (as I've
>suggested for the Watch Recordings screen) where select can either bring up
>record for future episodes or bring up a menu with choices like Tune to this
>channel, Record this show, Find upcoming episodes, 
Select shouldn't bring up a menu for anything unless that menu is the 
result of selecting whatever is highlited.  Select should perform some 
default action, if there are more possible actions for an item then they 
should be accessible through the menu button (or possibly info?).

>Along the same
>lines, we should ensure (I think it already does) that Record always brings
>up the record options.
I believe the record button acts as a recording type toggle.

>What I'm getting at is a system where by default the SELECT key is the
>action key.  It presents the user with choices.  
Select should be the "action" key.  Presenting the user with choices 
should be the the behavior of the menu key IMO.

>There are other keybindings
>for the choices (for quick action) and an option in the setup to control
>whether the SELECT key brings up the menu or it defaults to a particular
>choice.  I think this gives us the most flexibility as well as explicitly
>showing the new user all the choices available to them instead of expecting
>them to hunt/find them.  

If we're consistent in that:
1)  Select performs the default action.
2)  Menu presents you with a list of additional choices (if any).

The new user doesn't have to hunt, and you don't make press more buttons 
than necessary.

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