[mythtv] Watch/Delete Recordings

Steffen Immle Immle at gmx.net
Tue Apr 20 10:10:35 EDT 2004

[inline comments...]

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

>>If we're consistent in that:
>>1)  Select performs the default action.
>>2)  Menu presents you with a list of additional choices (if any).
> I would like to see the behavior standardized.  It seems that there are many
> different action classes associated with Info and Menu.  If we could have it
> so that Menu brought up choices, Select took action, and Info was for those
> "extra information" scenarios (like it is while watching TV to get
> information on the current program).
> Guide:
> Menu - Tune to this channel, Record this show/Turn off Record, Find all
> Episodes, Exit
> Info - Maybe a detail page on the show given the new lengthier descriptions
> in the direct data as well as include space information currently only found
> on the delete screen.
> Record - Record this show
> Select - Tune channel for currently showing shows.  Record show for future
> shows.
> Watch Recordings:
> Menu - Action menu currently assigned to Info
> Info - Not sure what might be shown here if anything

Maybe Info could bring up the same detail page as above.

> Play - Play the current recording
> Select - Play the current recording
> Would something like that be a patch people would to see?

I would very much welcome such a change. I also think that much more 
(all) functionality should be accessible via menus. For example, there 
should be "Start transcoding" or "Start flagging commercials" somewhere 
in a menu (and maybe even "Stop/Cancel transcoding/commflagging", for 
those who want to make the box turn off *now*), thereby getting rid of 
the need for quite a lot of key bindings. And there are probably others 
as well. Anyway, just making suggestions...


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