[mythtv] [PATCH] Internal DataDirect grabber functionality REVISED VERSION USE THIS ONE!

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Sun Apr 18 07:22:07 EDT 2004

David Shay wrote:

>I think for the most part I will use dd-grab-all mode, since it's not much of 
>a difference in terms of data being retrieved from datadirect.  For example, 
>a "full" retrieve was about 2MB zipped, but a single day was 300K. 

Ummm that's something like 6 times the amount of data.  It's not that 
much for an individual, however if you're paying for the bandwidth and 
you've got 1000 people downloading 2MB when they could be downloading 
300MB it would be an issue.

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