[mythtv] [PATCH] Internal DataDirect grabber functionality REVISED VERSION USE THIS ONE!

David Shay david at shay.net
Sun Apr 18 00:44:34 EDT 2004

All right, third time's a charm.  Actually, the previous patch is fine, but I 
made two modifications to this.  I'll leave it at this until Isaac has a 
chance to take a look at it.

Two changes:
* Now uses "wget" instead of an external script.  This eliminates 
mythtv_grab_dd and a change to mythfilldatabase.pro to stop installing that 
* When in dd-grab-all mode, if it has already retrieved data from a specific 
datadirect account, it will use the saved data in the temporary tables.  This 
comes in handy if you have multiple videosources, say one with regular cable 
and one with a digital cable box, both mapped to one datadirect account but 
two separate videosources.  Note that this only works in dd-grab-all mode, 
since in the other mode mythfilldatabase loops by days within sources, so the 
data has to be re-retrieved.

I think for the most part I will use dd-grab-all mode, since it's not much of 
a difference in terms of data being retrieved from datadirect.  For example, 
a "full" retrieve was about 2MB zipped, but a single day was 300K.  One 
reason that full retrieves are not linearly proportional is that if a given 
program is repeated over the given date range, no new program, production 
crew, or genre entries are needed, only a relatively compact schedule line 
item.  In my lineups, there is about a 4-to-1 ratio of schedules to programs 
over a typical 13 day time span.

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