[mythtv] DVB No Signal Behavior

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Sat Apr 17 18:41:14 EDT 2004


First, sorry for not following the original thread, but my queue for 
mythtv-dev has overrun since that thread was active.

I've done some more work today, and it seems to be pretty stable. I might have 
gone a bit to far on the RingBuffer code, by redoing a lot of it, but also 
fixed up a lot. I've also added another mode to the RingBuffer which I've 
called TailBuf, which is supposed to help feeding data when the frontend is 
reading data for (real) LiveTV use. I've made it so that there is a 
configurable buffer which will always tail, hence the name, the live feed 
from the recorder. This will thus eliminate the need for the backend to read 
the written livetv feed back from kernel memory (if it's not been flushed out 
of the kernel cache already, in which case it would have needed to read it 
from disc). I certainly can feel an improvement when doing LiveTV channel 
zapping (~2s where my card usually did 3-4s). I still need some time to work 
out a few bugs though, so please just bear with me :)

Have a nice weekend!


Kenneth Aafl°y
ke-aa at frisurf.no

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