[mythtv] DVB Channel Changes

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Wed Apr 14 07:34:07 EDT 2004

>>From what I have glanced at it appears that VDR just uses a special channels.conf file. I don't
>know how this handles programs changing location.  I also wonder if importing a channels.conf is
>really too much of a hack job.  What really needs to be done is to parse through the important
>DATA Tables and make parses for each of those.  You can download the specs on all of the DVB
>descriptors from the ETIA.. I wrote a half *ssed guide parser in an afternoon just based on that
>document, that I am sure would end up being part of what I would do..
>I agree that it is a huge task..  Maybe I can spark some interest in folks and get some help in
>writing some of the Descriptor parsers.. :)

Well, VDR uses a more complete channels.conf format with extra 
information, certainly.  It handles channels moving by registering the 
serviceId (I think?)

As for the parser, have you looked at (I think) libdvb from metzler 
bros.  This is what this is supposed to do already I think?

There is also some parser code in the DVB stuff.  Kenneth wrote it some 
time back, but without looking I'm not sure if some of it got pulled 
later?  Anyway, the framework to add it should be there I think

Good luck though.  I think this is an excellent addition.

Ed W

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