[mythtv] DVB Channel Changes

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Wed Apr 14 09:05:02 EDT 2004

On Wednesday 14 April 2004 06:06, Taylor Jacob wrote:
> > > This is my main goal.  It is really difficult to write a dvb scanner
> > > when you have a database that does not represent the heirarchy of the
> > > dvb channel strucutre (I.E. Source -> Transport -> Program).  A scanner
> > > would be much easier to write if it could track the Transports (or
> > > transponders in my case for DVB-S) and each Program that hangs off of
> > > them.. 

I don't get it. You can just select distinct rows matching on transport, 
network and provider id in conjunction with frequency, symbolrate and 
polarity. I would suggest enforcing the use of the transport, network, 
provider ids.

> > Possibly.  However, the scanner is non-trivial and probably best donated
> > to the wider community ?  Look at the "scan" app and see what needs
> > improving on that, and then wrap the whole lot I think?
> >
> > Also look at VDR and see how they shoe-horn things there.  I'm not
> > denying that it's a bit of a hack, but I think there is little
> > motivation or willingness to make big changes to the code base, so in
> > order to work this in I suggest that you look at minimising the amount
> > of work/changes required as much as other stuff...
> From what I have glanced at it appears that VDR just uses a special
> channels.conf file. I don't know how this handles programs changing
> location.  I also wonder if importing a channels.conf is really too much
> of a hack job.  What really needs to be done is to parse through the
> important DATA Tables and make parses for each of those.  You can download
> the specs on all of the DVB descriptors from the ETIA.. I wrote a half *ssed
> guide parser in an afternoon just based on that document, that I am sure
> would end up being part of what I would do..
> I agree that it is a huge task..  Maybe I can spark some interest in folks
> and get some help in writing some of the Descriptor parsers.. :)

What about bringing in the libsi from vdr? I have not looked very closely, but 
i belive it contains parsers for about every needed table/descriptor.

> > Good luck.  I think this would be an excellent addition to Myth - badly
> > needed in fact.  However, please initially consider the easy option to
> > simply capture the output from scan, or simply import a pre-created
> > channels.conf file.  This will give you good experience as to what the
> > problems are on the Myth side
> I agree.. It took me WAY too long to setup myth and dvb compared to an
> standalone IRD. The DVB setup process for Myth could be a very simple
> process that is super powerful..

Setting up MythTV is not anything like configuring a simple STB. One thing is 
that your 'always' setting up a remote box, or at least have to make it work 
in a remote setup. That gives you a lot of extra logic to deal with.

> I only have begun.. I started adding to the DiSEqC code, but there still is
> a good ammount of work just on that code to make it integrate into the
> Satellite Verification Wizard (I assume there is a similar wizard for DVB-C
> and DVB-T?). 

There is only one verification wizard for dvb and that is for channels, and it 
works well on all dvb cards that work in myth.


Kenneth Aafl°y
ke-aa at frisurf.no

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