[mythtv] DVB Channel Changes

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 14 00:06:26 EDT 2004

>>What I was inferring is that it might be possible to only use the PIDs list as a temporary list
>> of
>>the PIDs for each program until it can be re-verified or updated from the dvb stream..
> Good idea.  There was some chatter a while back about an auto-pids
> patch.  I had assumed that this was the goal of that.  Perhaps dig back
> and find the author and ask them about where they were going with that?

>>This is my main goal.  It is really difficult to write a dvb scanner when you have a database
>> that
>>does not represent the heirarchy of the dvb channel strucutre (I.E. Source -> Transport ->
>>Program).  A scanner would be much easier to write if it could track the Transports (or
>>transponders in my case for DVB-S) and each Program that hangs off of them..
> Possibly.  However, the scanner is non-trivial and probably best donated
> to the wider community ?  Look at the "scan" app and see what needs
> improving on that, and then wrap the whole lot I think?
> Also look at VDR and see how they shoe-horn things there.  I'm not
> denying that it's a bit of a hack, but I think there is little
> motivation or willingness to make big changes to the code base, so in
> order to work this in I suggest that you look at minimising the amount
> of work/changes required as much as other stuff...

>From what I have glanced at it appears that VDR just uses a special channels.conf file. I don't
know how this handles programs changing location.  I also wonder if importing a channels.conf is
really too much of a hack job.  What really needs to be done is to parse through the important
DATA Tables and make parses for each of those.  You can download the specs on all of the DVB
descriptors from the ETIA.. I wrote a half *ssed guide parser in an afternoon just based on that
document, that I am sure would end up being part of what I would do..

I agree that it is a huge task..  Maybe I can spark some interest in folks and get some help in
writing some of the Descriptor parsers.. :)

> Good luck.  I think this would be an excellent addition to Myth - badly
> needed in fact.  However, please initially consider the easy option to
> simply capture the output from scan, or simply import a pre-created
> channels.conf file.  This will give you good experience as to what the
> problems are on the Myth side

I agree.. It took me WAY too long to setup myth and dvb compared to an standalone IRD. The DVB
setup process for Myth could be a very simple process that is super powerful..  I only have
begun.. I started adding to the DiSEqC code, but there still is a good ammount of work just on
that code to make it integrate into the Satellite Verification Wizard (I assume there is a similar
wizard for DVB-C and DVB-T?).

> Ed W

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