[mythtv] DVB Channel Changes

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Wed Apr 14 06:30:22 EDT 2004

Tako Schotanus wrote:

>it would have meant making the part that is so damn usefull to us Europeans, the channel scanning / finetuning, close to useless.
FYI, I am European, too, and have found automatic scanning to be 
sufficient for analog channels, no urgent need for finetuning. I don't 
see how mplayer is needed for *scanning*.

A normal user shouldn't have to finetune anyways, he should put the 
thing under the TV, plug the cables in and be ready to go. We're far 
from that, but Ramon's module would have brought us closer, I think.

>That's why he used mplayer
But there were also good reasons to reject the use of mplayer here. This 
could be addressed by making mplayer entirely optional (see above) or by 
improving MythTV for direct tuning.

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