[mythtv] DVB Channel Changes

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Wed Apr 14 08:25:07 EDT 2004

Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Tako Schotanus wrote:
> >it would have meant making the part that is so damn usefull 
> to us Europeans, the channel scanning / finetuning, close to useless.
> >
> FYI, I am European, too, and have found automatic scanning to be 
> sufficient for analog channels, no urgent need for 
> finetuning. I don't 
> see how mplayer is needed for *scanning*.
> A normal user shouldn't have to finetune anyways, he should put the 
> thing under the TV, plug the cables in and be ready to go. We're far 
> from that, but Ramon's module would have brought us closer, I think.

Saying you don't need it or that in a perfect world users shouldn't need
it is no reason to reject anything. I myself thought the stuff was
briliant because it let me do things that I couldn't do with standard
MythTV. And actually I still can't! For most people setting up MythTV in
The Netherlands is just too much work because the channel lists are not
supported by MythTV so the only ones who are getting it to work are the
ones who can figure out how what their local frequencies are, how they
can change that into the numbers required by their hardware and how they
can write external channel change scripts to do the actual channel
changing. Ramon's work would have made this a piece of cake. (Actually
it _did_ make it a piece of cake, I tried it ;-).

> >That's why he used mplayer
> >
> But there were also good reasons to reject the use of mplayer 
> here. This 
> could be addressed by making mplayer entirely optional (see 
> above) or by 
> improving MythTV for direct tuning.

True Ramon could have made mplayer optional, that would have been
usefull for people that don't need or want the functionality it offers,
but why? MythChannels was an optional module where you decide for
yourself if you want to install it or not. The same that MythWeb need
PHP or any of the other dozens of requirements that the other modules
have. If mythchannels would be part of the core I would say that
requiring mplayer would be a bad idea but as an optional module?


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