[mythtv] DVB Channel Changes

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Wed Apr 14 06:00:55 EDT 2004

While you are basically right it was also because Ramon was not _able_
to adopt the maintainer's whishes because it would have meant making the
part that is so damn usefull to us Europeans, the channel scanning /
finetuning, close to useless.

The problem is that in the current system the display needs at least 4
seconds between making an adjustment (like a channel change) and being
able to display the result, you just can't fine-tune with a 4 second
delay. That's why he used mplayer, that's why it got rejected and that's
why nobody will be able to "pick it up and address Isaac's concerns"
unless they are able to address the delays in the current system.

Of course, you could just take out that entire system and put in a
stripped-down version of mythchannels. Beging able to properly edit you
channel list from within the myth frontend would already be enough of a
boon to make it worthwhile :-)

Just thought you should know what you are getting yourself into before
anyone tries to pick it up.


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> Brian May wrote:
> >What is the status of mythchannels? ... I guess it has 
> become unmaintained and broken?
> >
> It would be really great, if you could pick it up, address Isaac's 
> concerns (Ramon wasn't willing to adopt it to the maintainer 
> wishes) and 
> get it into MythTV CVS. Ramon had nice ideas there, judging from the 
> screenshots.

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