[mythtv] Via EPIA M as a frontend, seperating the databases

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Sat Nov 1 19:22:57 EST 2003

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> On Fri, 2003-10-31 at 19:05, Zagaroth wrote:
> > Hello's Everyone.
> > -HW decoding on the CLE266
> I would recommend a PVR-350, browse the list on details. This card's
> support is currently reaching a usable state and is heavily supported
> (here and over at ivtv-devel). Isaac dropped CLE266 support (or
> development of) recently, so that is a dead end with mythtv 
> and with via
> (I don't think they'll work any further on their drivers and xine
> version).

Is this the official line?  Why would they (via) stop working on their
linux compatability?  Is there anything from Via or their linux guys
that would lead us to believe its a dead-end?

I will be very dissapointed if I can't get my shiny new EPIA-M decoding
mpeg2 in hardware because my only PCI slot is filled with a DVB-T tuner.


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