[mythtv] Bug Reports

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Fri May 9 01:19:48 EDT 2003

> Suggestion: sometimes the contents and general makeup of the VBI
> changes markedly, too (some master control switchers leak VITC, for
> example, and it will likely jump from deck to deck).
> An amusing project would be to build a "window burn" module that
> decoded that timecode.  Being able to use it for commercial detection
> would be a side effect.

If you can tell me how or point me to information on how to get that
data out of the current /dev/vbi interface, then I'll definitely look
into it.  I spent a few hours this week looking over the vbi code in Myth
to see if there was anything I could key off of but haven't come up with
anything yet.  I haven't messed with /dev/vbi at all before now though,
so I may be missing something.


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