[mythtv] [PATCH] DVB support

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Fri May 2 16:54:18 EDT 2003

> > And how are people supposed to use the new format?  Manual db interaction?
> > You didn't update filldatabase or anything to go along with it.
> >
> What about chanid? Let the users choose wich column do they want to use?

I currently have no idea how this is done (there is code in VDR though), but you should be able to get the EPG info directly from the transmitted datastream

For DVB-T users in many countries such as the UK, this info is incomplete and a standard fill method from xmltv will be required. (there is some code in a recent VDR patch to do exactly this and if I get some time over the weekend I will see if it is a good way to update the mythfilldatabase code)

So I think the channel loading code can be directly derived from "scan" for most users.  This gives exactly the params that are needed.  For DVB-S and DVB-C users, I should think that mythfilldatabase will then grab the epg directly from the data stream.  For DVB-T users and mythfilldatabase --manual is still going to be required, although it may be possible to steal the mapping functions from that VDR patch decribed above to give an automatic mapping.

Probably a fairly big project to make the mapping work reliably in all countries.  However, I hope that manually filling the DB using the output of "scan" will at least get the data into the database.  I think "scan" is better than dvbtune because the format is quite readable and it works a bit better for DVB-T users who have variable "QAM" settings (these settings are hard compiled into dvbtune...)

Just my 2p.  If you have some time to test Ben's update then I would encourage you to do so and try to fix anything you find.

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