[mythtv] First patch for runtime configurable keybindings

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Mon Mar 3 10:39:19 EST 2003

On Monday 03 March 2003 10:03 am, Erik Arendse wrote:
> At 3-3-03 15:50, you wrote:
> >Please don't rename the XvVideoOutput class, and don't unnecessarily move
> >stuff into the XvData structure, as most of the changes in the
> > XvVideoOutput class look totally unnecessary.  If someone wants to write
> > other output methods, the way to do that would be to write a generic
> > abstract video output class and make XvVideoOutput and the new method
> > extend off of that, rather than modifying XvVideoOutput to do that.
> If you do that, the class instantiating the videooutput needs to know which
> type to instantiate. If you make a videooutput class universal it is the
> only one who needs to know what outpu tis going on.

That's how it should work -- the player should select the output method, the 
output method shouldn't select itself.

> >Check out the MythDialog constructor on how to deal with xinerama
> > properly.
> OK
> >NuppelVideoPlayer::ReConfigure() is poorly named.  You're not
> > reconfiguring anything in that object, you're reconfiguring the display.
> OK. ResizeVideo() then? Just Resize() would probably nameclash.

Yeah, that's better.

> >I'd almost prefer for the keymap to live in the context, instead of inside
> >each window object.
> I had that, but then I ended up with the configurations defined in mythlib,
> and you don't want that touched for a single default keychange :-)
> WIth my ugly global init-functions only the module itslef is recompiled on
> a change, and a global setup can stil figure out what to setup as long as
> it knows the list of modules.
> With all the above there is no need to add the keymap to the context,
> although I agree it 'feels' better.

Just the keymap object, all the init stuff can stay in the separate modules.  
For most of the rest of the UI, one global keymap can be used (arrow keys and 
a couple additional keybindings).

> Do you have any thoughts about PIP support?

I don't see why it would be broken.  The PiP stuff is called with disable 
video enabled, and I don't recall any of your changes being in that path.


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