[mythtv] new mythweb

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Jul 30 01:32:56 EDT 2003

> im with Tako. i got used to the order of channels in the listing so i 
> kinda know where to go when im looking for things... i like the "DISC" 
> and "TOON" labels on them too but if i had to choose i'd rather have 
> them in the order im used to than have the channel names...

well, there's now a config option for prefer_channum that will make the
channel number bigger than the name.  All sorting is still done by the
channel number.

> btw... i can use the CVS code for mythweb2 with myth 0.10 if i just 
> change that one line of code you mentioned in an earlier post?

yeah, it should work just fine.  mythbackend.php, line 97 or so, change
22 to 20.

> nothing else to watch out for? sql queries gonna freak?

hopefully not.  I don't think I've committed the record_weekly stuff yet
(too hot to spend much time in the computer room), and I'm pretty sure
that won't affect things, anyway.

> while im talking off-topic... how stable is the current CVS for 
> everybody? evertyhing is working here so of course i'm thinking about 
> breaking it... is the transcoding stuff still commented out? i wonder if 
> recording to rtjpeg and then transcoding down to mpeg4 will fix my issue 
> with duplicate frames when converting to .avi with lavc....?

can't help here.  I'm still hoping for transcodeless commercial cutting
(speaking of which, I still can't get the commercial cutlist imported -
Z just doesn't work, or the cutlist isn't there, which is unlikely
because there are a number of programs that I know USED to have them).


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