[mythtv] new mythweb

mojo mojospam at thegeekclub.net
Wed Jul 30 05:56:19 EDT 2003

>>btw... i can use the CVS code for mythweb2 with myth 0.10 if i just 
>>change that one line of code you mentioned in an earlier post?
> yeah, it should work just fine.  mythbackend.php, line 97 or so, change
> 22 to 20.
>>nothing else to watch out for? sql queries gonna freak?
> hopefully not.  I don't think I've committed the record_weekly stuff yet
> (too hot to spend much time in the computer room), and I'm pretty sure
> that won't affect things, anyway.

gave it a whirl and apart from me going 'huh.. whats these php errors 
about sessions and cookies?' and finally paying more attention to the 
conf.php file and fixing that session handler setting, it works great 
with 0.10

>>while im talking off-topic... how stable is the current CVS for 
>>everybody? evertyhing is working here so of course i'm thinking about 
>>breaking it... is the transcoding stuff still commented out? i wonder if 
>>recording to rtjpeg and then transcoding down to mpeg4 will fix my issue 
>>with duplicate frames when converting to .avi with lavc....?
> can't help here.  I'm still hoping for transcodeless commercial cutting
> (speaking of which, I still can't get the commercial cutlist imported -
> Z just doesn't work, or the cutlist isn't there, which is unlikely
> because there are a number of programs that I know USED to have them).

this whole thing really irks me there must be lots of people on this 
list making decent cross-platform (i.e. Windows compatible) .avi's for 
easy archiving purposes... i am actually getting them very close to 
perfect but i have to keep the framerate so high to avoid skips that the 
files are huge and my poor little 20GB fills up in no time.


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