Teletext (was: [mythtv] MythTV Recording System Future)

Martin Moeller martin at
Thu Jul 24 21:33:30 EDT 2003

tor, 2003-07-24 kl. 08:07 skrev Erik Arendse:
> I had a look at my original source in NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp (can't look 
> at current CVS from here because that port is blocked by our firewall).
> --------- snip ---------
> static void vbi_event(struct VBIData *data, struct vt_event *ev)
> ...
>              if (vtp->flags & PG_SUBTITLE)
>              {
>                  //printf("subtitle page %x.%x\n", vtp->pgno, vtp->subno);
>                  data->foundteletextpage = true;
> --------- snip ---------
> This is what sets a subtitle page apart. It has to be marked in some way, 
> because it is shows differently (black box overlayed on screen, no header).
Okay... Assuming for a moment that teletext code worked as it should,
how hard would it be to generate Mplayer subtitle files from a captured
stream? I ask mostly because I currently have limited diskspace and
recordings cannot linger in MythTV for all eternity.

> On playback I intented to build a list of ll pages coming along, and with 
> the 'T'-key toggle through all options (including 'none'). For 90% of the 
> channels this means you have only an on/off option, for the other ones by 
> definition all languages are stored in the stream. I did not see any reason 
> to select the language on recording :-)
Okay. Nice -- noting the 'intended' I assume you didn't get that in
here? Does that mean that it simply toggles on/off the first 'page' it

> I did have code doing exactly that working back then, but CVS went to fast 
> for me and synching became a nightmare. I had a look for you to have the 
> code, but I'm afraid I threw it all away :-(
Aiee!! :) - To be honest, I hope someone with actual C/C++ skills
volunteers soon, but I am not afraid to at least look at it and prod
around. I'm just not sure I'd really know what I was doing... :-/

> Erik
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