Teletext (was: [mythtv] MythTV Recording System Future)

Erik Arendse erik_nospam.arendse at
Fri Jul 25 09:09:41 EDT 2003

At 24-7-2003 20:33, Martin Moeller wrote:
>Okay... Assuming for a moment that teletext code worked as it should,
>how hard would it be to generate Mplayer subtitle files from a captured
>stream? I ask mostly because I currently have limited diskspace and
>recordings cannot linger in MythTV for all eternity.

Never knew Mplayer could play a smaller fileformat than MythTV. I would 
have though that for the same codec the filesizes would be about the same.

But I have no idea about subtitles in Mplayer, AFAIK I have never used or 
installed mplayer. But if you can parse the MythTV files and turn audio and 
video into another format, the subtitles could be converted in a similar 
way into any format you know.


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