[mythtv] x10 Remote (Entertainment Anywhere/MP3 Anywhere)

Brad Sagowitz mythtv at sagz.dynip.com
Tue Jul 15 09:37:42 EDT 2003

I've already had this working in MythTV.  I just used lirc CVS and picked
X10 remote when you configure. Its slower to respond then a normal IR remote
I might try again with the reciever in a better location.

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> As far as I can tell reading the MythTV documentation, there doesn't
> appear to be support for the X10 remote (not the mouseremote, but the
> entertainment anywhere remote).  This device uses (I believe) a RF
> receiver connected to a serial port.
> I'm going to take a shot at creating a patch that allows this remote to
> work with MythTV, but I'd like to first learn how lirc support was added
> to MythTV.  I've searched for 'lirc' in most of the files and can't
> seem to find it referenced anywhere.  What are the relavent files for this
> type of input into MythTV?
> I'm going to start by building some proof-of-concept code for reading and
> recognizing the different remote control keys from the serial port (this
> seems fairly straight-forward when looking at the x10mp3 XMMS plugin for
> this remote control)
> Thanks,
> Brian Hayward
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