[mythtv] Simple Auto Expiration/Deletion code is now in CVS.

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Jul 7 11:27:27 EDT 2003

Chris Pinkham wrote:
>>The "--printexpire" doesn't return results when run on a slave
>>host. I haven't looked into why and it might make sense for it
> Are there any recordings that the slave recorded?  The process
> runs on each backend and that backend expires it's own recordings.

Oh, that's it. There are some recordings on this slave but
none of them were marked for auto expire. When I saw results
on the master and not the slave I made the wrong inference.
Since each backend only acts on its local files it makes perfect
sense that printexpire only reports local results.

>>I've been assuming that the Advanced Recording Options page
>>was temporarily accessed by hitting "i" twice while testing
>>and developing and that it would simply replace the old recording
> The Advanced Recording Options screen is here to stay I think.  Isaac
> doesn't want to clutter up the main recording screen and I agree.  For
> the typical user who sets up their defaults they probably won't use
> most of the stuff in the advanced screen.  I tied it to a second keypress
> of the 'I' key so that it wouldn't use up another key on the remote.

Using 'I' again is the right thing to do. However, I'm not sure
that I agree that the old screen is better for typical users
since the other options are of interest but it is less obvious
where to find these when needed. I would think that any advanced
user (>2 days ;-) would want to see these by default. If the
old page should be exposed to new users by default, I guess what
I'd like to see is a checkbox (Appearance or TV->General ?) for
skipping the old page and going directly to the new page. The old
page only allows setting the type and since the type can be set
from the new page, I see jumping through the old page to get to
the rest of the options as being an unnecessary step.

--  bjm

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