[mythtv] Simple Auto Expiration/Deletion code is now in CVS.

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon Jul 7 10:07:43 EDT 2003

> The "--printexpire" doesn't return results when run on a slave
> host. I haven't looked into why and it might make sense for it

Are there any recordings that the slave recorded?  The process
runs on each backend and that backend expires it's own recordings.
I'm probably going to integrate this all into the master expire
process but it was easier to get it up and running this way to begin
with.  I'll try to take a look at this today.  Once I convert it so
that the expire process runs only on the master then you'll be able
to do --printexpire from anywhere and it should work (even from a
non-backend machine that happens to have mythbackend installed).

The "max episodes" expire does run on the master only already.

> In the popup, the arrow keys shouldn't wrap. Up arrow from the
> top choice should stay on the top choice and down arrow on
> the bottom should stay at the bottom (yes, I know this is a
> problem with the popup behavior not directly a result of

Actually that's just the Delete popup box with different text
and SLOTs associated with it.  I think this is a QT issue we'll have
to work around but I'm not sure since I'm not that familiar with QT.
Annoys me sometimes too. :)

> I can check each recorded item with "i" to see if autoexpire
> is allowed but it would be much easier if there was a visual
> cue in the lists. An asterisk, different text color, icon, or
> anything other than a green dot would be great.

I like that idea and thought in the past if it would be nice if we
had indicators for other things as well like for instance if a cutlist
exists.  I'll make a note on my TODO. :)

> I've been assuming that the Advanced Recording Options page
> was temporarily accessed by hitting "i" twice while testing
> and developing and that it would simply replace the old recording

The Advanced Recording Options screen is here to stay I think.  Isaac
doesn't want to clutter up the main recording screen and I agree.  For
the typical user who sets up their defaults they probably won't use
most of the stuff in the advanced screen.  I tied it to a second keypress
of the 'I' key so that it wouldn't use up another key on the remote.


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