[mythtv] Simple Auto Expiration/Deletion code is now in CVS.

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Jul 6 23:56:06 EDT 2003

Chris Pinkham wrote:
> The only current Auto-Expire method is Oldest First.  So, the oldest recorded
> program that has it's auto-expire value set to ON will be expired first.
> If you want to see what order programs will be expired in, you can run
> mythbackend with the --printexpire option and get a list.  The last item
> on the list is the one that will expire first. 
> 	mythbackend --printexpire

I've been playing with this a little but haven't set up any
test cases (yet) to see expirations in action. I'm really
pleased to see this and wanted to pass on some observations
(not criticisms =) while I'm waiting for the episode limit
version ot compile.

The "--printexpire" doesn't return results when run on a slave
host. I haven't looked into why and it might make sense for it
to only work from the master host. If so, no need to do anything
drastic to make it work on slaves but the slaves should report
that it should be run from the master rather than return an
empty result.

In the popup, the arrow keys shouldn't wrap. Up arrow from the
top choice should stay on the top choice and down arrow on
the bottom should stay at the bottom (yes, I know this is a
problem with the popup behavior not directly a result of
autoexpire). With two choices it can be confusing as to whether
the lighter or darker color is selected and the arrow keys don't
confirm if you're up or down.

I can check each recorded item with "i" to see if autoexpire
is allowed but it would be much easier if there was a visual
cue in the lists. An asterisk, different text color, icon, or
anything other than a green dot would be great.

I've been assuming that the Advanced Recording Options page
was temporarily accessed by hitting "i" twice while testing
and developing and that it would simply replace the old recording
options page soon. Is this the plan? I always hit "i" twice now
and the new page sets the type just fine so I don't think we
need to jump through two pages at this point.

Anyway, great stuff, Chris.

--  bjm

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