[mythtv] Simple Auto Expiration/Deletion code is now in CVS.

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon Jul 7 15:15:20 EDT 2003

> > Are there any recordings that the slave recorded?  The process
> > runs on each backend and that backend expires it's own recordings.
> Oh, that's it. There are some recordings on this slave but
> none of them were marked for auto expire. When I saw results
> on the master and not the slave I made the wrong inference.
> Since each backend only acts on its local files it makes perfect
> sense that printexpire only reports local results.

When I modify it later this week or next to have the master do most
of the work, then I'll probably have --printexpire list each
backend separately if they aren't on the same nfs directory as the
master.  I'm gonna think about how to work that out some more before
starting coding on it though.

> Using 'I' again is the right thing to do. However, I'm not sure
> that I agree that the old screen is better for typical users
> since the other options are of interest but it is less obvious
> where to find these when needed. I would think that any advanced

I think the average user with Auto-Expire turned on by default 
using oldest-first could get by without ever going into the
advanced screen.

I do like the idea of putting a setting in for "Use Advanced
Recording Options screen by default".

<goes away for a few minutes>

OK, in CVS now.  Default is OFF.  It's in the TV/General setup screen.


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