[mythtv] Record now?

Stephan Wentz wentz at gmx.de
Thu Jan 16 12:05:51 EST 2003

Am Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2003 07:19 schrieb Pat Pflaum:
> Uhhhh....what?    I don't *thinik* there's a question of moving the data
> out of mysql or *A* database anyway , I think the debate has been...
>  a)  should the backend provide an interface to the database
> or
>  b) should the frontend connect to the database directly
> Security wise, a makes more sense, but how secure do you want your
> recordings of M*A*S*H to be???
> In most situations all connections would be behind  a firewall
> hopefully, and connecting to the db directly, and even through an api
> would be less costly than asking for the info through the backend.
> Personally, I don't care who knows that I record junkyard wars, but
> ymmv. ;-)

but it's not only a security issue! i'm still of the oppinion that it is much 
easier to have a non-chaning interface to the backend (read the last posting 
of James Sleeman, he wrote it in detail...) rather than letting the frontend 
do this...

i think everybody want that mythtv grows, that more and more users use it (i 
guess every coder wants that), and maybe someone will code for example a 
frontend for windows - but he'll have big problems trying that... (correct me 
if i'm wrong) mysql for windows isn't open source, you have to buy it... a 
standardized interface to the backend would leaf much less work for the 
or for example when you want to access data not through mysql but plain 
xml-files, but can't access the file-system of the backend - should every 
frontend get his own program-data from the internet?
or think of a frontend on a mobile device that can play streams, but can't 
connect to a database...
the server could even cache the data in memory and give the frontend only the 
data that it can display in the epg, so speed shouldn't be an issue...

of course these are not relevant at the moment, and the backend/frontend-split 
is relative new, but i think these thinks should be considered right now, 
because now they can be changed easily...

bye, stephan

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