[mythtv] mythtv vs freevo?

Peter Marriott peter at bms.net.au
Thu Jan 16 18:48:38 EST 2003

Last time I looked at Freevo (about a week ago).  They had not yet implemented any Video Capture.  So I immediately dismissed it.  MythTV on the other hand has THE BEST  epg, recording and playback system that I can get working in Australia.   For an Australian it is much better than TIVO or REPLAYTV, as they are not available :)
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  Has anyone seen freevo?

  http://freevo.sourceforge.net/screenshots.html  looks interesting and alot like mythtv.

  I downloaded the latest cvs and get lots of segmentation faults when trying to run the setup.  If I click on the "General" icon, it segmentation faults.  Is this normal and is it being worked on? 
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