[mythtv] Re: Per-channel time offset?

Thor Johnson thormj at ieee.org
Thu Feb 27 15:11:52 EST 2003

Something I was wanting to play with eventually:
Looking at TV 5-10 minutes (if possible) ahead of time, snarfing the
closed captioning (my VCR uses this to record the show names that you
and keying the "Record Start" and "Record End" events off the closed

That way you wouldn't (ok... maybe wouldn't) miss the last plays of an
Overtime game
or something.

*If* this works, you could probably use the CC information to populate the
time offset table automagically (it would still take a long time -- 24

But I don't know all the variables (the station could wait 10 mins to send
the CC info,
etc) to say if it has any chance of working.


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Leandro Dardini writes:

> How many hours of configuration do you plan to spend before having the
> system up and running? :)
> However, the "time displacement" is a big problem. Why don't we solve it
> letting the user choose a
> "Minutes to record before the begin" and "Minutes to record past the end"
> the window where we choose the recording of the program? (never, one time,
> everytime per station... etc etc)
To me, this seems like an optimal solution. It also allows for some fooling
around when stations start to drift offtime for a while, as I have noticed a
few in my area seem to do.

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