[mythtv] Re: Per-channel time offset?

Ian Truelsen ian at ihtruelsen.dyndns.org
Thu Feb 27 00:45:52 EST 2003

Leandro Dardini writes: 

> How many hours of configuration do you plan to spend before having the
> system up and running? :) 
> However, the "time displacement" is a big problem. Why don't we solve it
> letting the user choose a
> "Minutes to record before the begin" and "Minutes to record past the end" in
> the window where we choose the recording of the program? (never, one time,
> everytime per station... etc etc) 
To me, this seems like an optimal solution. It also allows for some fooling 
around when stations start to drift offtime for a while, as I have noticed a 
few in my area seem to do. 

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