[mythtv] patch: playlist updates

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Mon Feb 24 20:31:19 EST 2003

On Monday 24 February 2003 07:25 pm, Andy Davidoff wrote:
> If you point a host at a playlist using the settings table, you don't
> need to make ANY changes to the schema.  Multiple hosts can share one
> or more playlists with zero overhead.  Changes to a shared playlist which
> occur on one node will be visible on another.  Et cetera ad nauseum...
> You don't get these behaviors if you use the existing schema or add a
> hostname field to musicplaylist.  It's no longer worth commenting on
> the differences between my patched schema and the existing schema.


Current schema, with the addition of a hostname:

    name VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL,
    hostname VARCHAR(255) NULL,
    songlist TEXT NOT NULL

If hostname is null, the playlist is global.  If it's non-null, it's local to 
the host.  Just like the existing settings table.  The default playlist will 
always be local to each machine, since it's just a copy of the current 
playlist and not directly user editable.  Let's stop calling it the default 
playlist, even, and just call it a way to save and restore the current state, 
since that's all it is, really.

Please explain to me how the behavior you describe can not be accomplished 
with the existing schema, since, honestly, I don't understand.


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