[mythtv] patch: playlist updates

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Mon Feb 24 21:47:14 EST 2003

#if Isaac Richards /* Feb 24, 20:31 */
> If hostname is null, the playlist is global.  If it's non-null, it's local to 
> the host.  Just like the existing settings table.  The default playlist will 
> always be local to each machine, since it's just a copy of the current 
> playlist and not directly user editable.

This is the first I've heard of this "copy" operation; I assume you mean
loading a playlist and saving it as another, new playlist.

> Let's stop calling it the default playlist, even, and just call it a way
> to save and restore the current state, since that's all it is, really.


> Please explain to me how the behavior you describe can not be accomplished 
> with the existing schema, since, honestly, I don't understand.
#endif /* ijr at po.cwru.edu */

	Foo saves state to a default source, "Red".
	Bar loads state from default source, "Red".
	Foo saves new state to new source, "Yellow".
	Bar saves new state to new source, "Blue".
	Foo saves new state to new source, "Green".

How do you store all four states?  The Red state is
global (+1), Foo and Bar have local states (+2), but
there is no way to save any more states.

If Foo and Bar share a state that's not global, it
costs us twice the space to store the two states
that are identical.

Further, if Foo changes the "shared" state, Bar will
not see the updated state unless it manually copies
the new state from Foo.

Am I missing something?

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