[mythtv] patch: playlist updates

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Mon Feb 24 19:25:04 EST 2003

If you point a host at a playlist using the settings table, you don't
need to make ANY changes to the schema.  Multiple hosts can share one
or more playlists with zero overhead.  Changes to a shared playlist which
occur on one node will be visible on another.  Et cetera ad nauseum...

You don't get these behaviors if you use the existing schema or add a
hostname field to musicplaylist.  It's no longer worth commenting on
the differences between my patched schema and the existing schema.

I really don't understand why I'm arguing the virtues of data structure
to a bunch of developers who know about 10,000 times more about software
design than I.  You win, I'll maintain my own patches from now on.

#if Isaac Richards /* Feb 24, 18:34 */
> On Monday 24 February 2003 06:24 pm, thor wrote:
> > 	In the longer run, however, I think we want an entry in the settings table
> > which just keeps track of the last playlist on a per host (frontend) basis.
> > That way the frontend running on the tiny little touchscreen computer next
> > to the shelf system is not tied to the last choice in the hacked together
> > front end in the basement.
> Though, adding a hostname field to the current playlist table takes care of 
> that easily.
#endif /* ijr at po.cwru.edu */

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