[mythtv] TODO list for 0.8

William Preston bpreston at networkusa.net
Sat Feb 22 10:23:45 EST 2003

Another minor issue:

--font size for medium font in setup is not consistent.

If you go anywhere from 15->20 for the size of the medium font in setup,
the font always appears the same size.   Once you hit 21, though, the
medium fonts jump up in size.  This might just be a problem with
freesans.ttf itself, or an underlying problem with the font renderer.

I'll dedicate my poor coding skillz to figuring out what the problem is if
this is a problem that others are observing, and not just some strangeness
my setup is having.

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Subject: [mythtv] TODO list for 0.8

> So, getting fairly close, I believe.  I've just got one major item left:
>   - multiple encoder machines
> Then there's a couple minor issues:
>   - Backend IP configuration in setup to get rid of
>   - Store the IP of the master backend server in the DB so frontends can
>     automatically connect.
> And known issues that should get fixed before a release:
>   - The backend/frontend desync that causes the playback list box to
come up
>     empty occasionally.
>   - The occasional separate desync between file transfers to a remote
>     frontend.
> And that's essentially all I wanted to get done for the 0.8 release..
> been _way_ too long since 0.7.
> Isaac
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