[mythtv] TODO list for 0.8

Nathan Ziarek nathan at ziarek.com
Sat Feb 22 11:07:44 EST 2003

On the font size I did notice one thing:

On the screenshot that Isaac create of the Iulius Theme

The fonts are larger, and because of that centered with the highlight.

However, the one on Jerfu
(http://www.jerfu.com/modules/My_eGallery/gallery/MainThemes/iulius.jpg) has
smaller fonts that end up looking kind of silly when the highlight is on.

So, that leads me to believe that there is some sort of per-system setting
that is different on Isaac's than Jeremy's system. My question is: can this
be negated somehow? As a theme designer, you want it to look the same on
everyone's system, and that doesn't seem to be happening now.

This is small fries, I agree, just thought I'd pipe up about it.


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