[mythtv] sql code

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Thu Feb 20 13:26:28 EST 2003

On Thursday 20 February 2003 05:11 am, Andy Davidoff wrote:
> The attached patch is against current CVS.  This is straightforward
> stuff, but I put in copious comments since they were absent.
> The patch causes mythmusic to read old or new playlist tables, but to
> only save in the new format.  Saving will blow away the older tables,
> but unless you have a custom interface or something, you won't notice
> any changes, except in the speed at which MythMusic loads playlists.

I don't want any table creation/deletion going on in the program.  I do not 
want to deal with multiple upgrade paths at this point in development.

> Playlists have names and descriptions, neither of which are visible
> in the existing interface, of course.  Only the default playlist is
> used currently, as ever.  Playlist length is somewhat arbitrarily
> limited to 2^16 entries and there may be 2^8 playlists, total.  The
> order of entries may now be specified, but of course there's no UI.
> I probably won't bother with an interface.  This is more an exercise
> for me with Qt/SQL.  Is anyone in particular maintaining MythMusic?
> The UI will require its own playlist objects for the new features.
> Lemme know of any questions/bugs,
> PS.  Is there an indent.pro for the codebase?

This is my biggest pet peeve of people that submit patches.  It's not _that_ 
difficult to mimic an existing indentation style, yet most people just ignore 
what's there already.

Now, considering it takes less than a tenth of a second to load a playlist 
containing my entire music collection with the current code on my machine, is 
this necessary?  Playlist loading/saving _rarely_ happens, so this is more of 
a complication than an optimization.


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