[mythtv] sql code

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Thu Feb 20 13:35:06 EST 2003

#if Isaac Richards /* Feb 20, 13:26 */
> I don't want any table creation/deletion going on in the program.  I do not 
> want to deal with multiple upgrade paths at this point in development.

Fair enough.  How do you handle incremental changes to the database schema?

> This is my biggest pet peeve of people that submit patches.  It's not _that_ 
> difficult to mimic an existing indentation style, yet most people just ignore 
> what's there already.

No, I copied it, but it's not mine.  So rather than mistakenly submit a
patch that pisses off other developers, I'd like to automate away such
issues to our mutual benefit.  You wouldn't have such a problem with
this if you supplied some sort of document (ideally indent.pro) that
defines the style you desire.

> Now, considering it takes less than a tenth of a second to load a playlist 
> containing my entire music collection with the current code on my machine,
> is this necessary?  Playlist loading/saving _rarely_ happens, so this is
> more of a complication than an optimization.
#endif /* ijr at po.cwru.edu */

It happens every time I start/stop mythmusic, and the playlist editing
happens several times more frequently than that.  I'm trying to improve
the speed of the interface, since I find it's currently rather sluggish.

Under what circumstances will you accept patches to improve efficiency?

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