[mythtv] Browser Plugin?

Robert Cantu robert at artistictech.net
Wed Feb 19 19:55:40 EST 2003

I don't mean to pile on the feature requests, but this is all about our
"mythical" convergence device, right? I always thought WebTV was a good idea
poorly executed. What would it take to make a web browser plugin for MythTV?

I know as most of you do, the dependencies for this project are formidible
and it is understood that adding to that wouldn't be desirable. What about
Konqueror? It's a part of KDE, which should be included in almost any distro
(and for the Gentoo people, you've already build QT, you're halfway thre
already!). I'd think integrating Konqueror into a Qt app such as MythTv
wouldn't be that hard. Functionally, it wouldn't mean much to those who have
put a lot of effort into removing the keyboard from the solution and using a
remote, but I seem to remember reading in the archives that some of the
developers use wireless keyboards instead of remote controls.

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but searching the archives for this
gives many results having to do with mythvideo's file browser or mythweb.

What do you all think?

Robert Cantu, RHCE

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