[mythtv] Browser Plugin?

Jeremy Oddo joddo at apixels.net
Wed Feb 19 19:00:02 EST 2003

I may be totally out to lunch, but why do you want a browser plugin? 
Surfing the net at 640x480?  And on a TV set that's 10 feet away?  And now
I have to deal with a wireless keyboard?  No thanks!  [But off the record,
I *do* want to surf from the couch...so I got a laptop with a wireless
network card.]

OK, what if I'm not going out to a TV set, but I'm using my computer
monitor to watch TV?  Well, then I probably also have a proper keyboard,
mouse, AND web browser already.  I can just pop up a browser window and
away I go.

What am I missing?

Robert Cantu said:
> I don't mean to pile on the feature requests, but this is all about our
> "mythical" convergence device, right? I always thought WebTV was a good
> idea poorly executed. What would it take to make a web browser plugin
> for MythTV?
> I know as most of you do, the dependencies for this project are
> formidible and it is understood that adding to that wouldn't be
> desirable. What about Konqueror? It's a part of KDE, which should be
> included in almost any distro (and for the Gentoo people, you've already
> build QT, you're halfway thre already!). I'd think integrating Konqueror
> into a Qt app such as MythTv wouldn't be that hard. Functionally, it
> wouldn't mean much to those who have put a lot of effort into removing
> the keyboard from the solution and using a remote, but I seem to
> remember reading in the archives that some of the developers use
> wireless keyboards instead of remote controls.
> Sorry if this has been discussed before, but searching the archives for
> this gives many results having to do with mythvideo's file browser or
> mythweb.
> What do you all think?
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> Robert Cantu, RHCE
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