[mythtv] Feature Suggestions / Bugs

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Wed Feb 19 19:07:04 EST 2003

I agree that good/bad action noises are a nice feature.

As far as the metadata DB accesses go, it's really a question of
database optimization.  As far as I can tell, there is plenty of
room for improvement here -- mostly at the cost of disk space.

Since CPU is expensive, disk is cheap, and our users are impatient,
I'd like to make an optional SQL patch that will speed up the queries.
I've used MySQL with multi-million record databases and still achieved
virtually instantaneous record access times on 5 year old hardware, so
I'm sure it's not the number of songs in your archive that's at issue.

Has anyone else done any work in this area?  Don't want to step on toes...

#if Robert Cantu /* Feb 19, 17:16 */
> In general, I would like to see an "action" sound implemented, in both
> the affirmative and the negative. A short ping or beep when a successful
> action is performed. This would be helpful for mythmusic when one
> presses enter for Select Music, or Play Music or Edit Playlist (while in
> Play Music) as these actions (I assume) access the metadata database
> table for sometimes several seconds, without any notification. There's a
> UI rule of thumb that you shouldn't make the user wait without
> notification for more than eight seconds (that's stretching it a bit
> with today's systems, it should be less), and for a >10GB collection of
> MP3's, that's going to take at least 10 seconds, even on a fast machine.
> Also, it's just good to verify that the action was received by myth. 
#endif /* robert at artistictech.net */

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